I love spreadsheets... If it's data entry, cash flow, product trackers or you just need your spreadsheets overhauled to work more efficiently then look no further.. let me at them! 

Invoice Management

Do you find you spend all day working, then come home and spend the evening typing out invoices or chasing payments?  Let me take the pressure off - I can manage your invoicing for you.

Basic Bookkeeping

End of year accounts stressing you out?  I've managed high level Cash Flows for the last four years.  I can help you get your accounts up together for the accountant. 

Office Management

I've run a successful office for over four years, let me assist you in running yours.

I provide a flexible approach to pricing and time allocation, enabling you to get on with fronting the business.

Contact Me

Contact me to find out how I can help!

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