About Me

Career Background

I spent 16 years working for large international firms, learning my trade.  I'm enthusiastic and pragmatic.

Areas of expertise

  • Managing global marketing strategies
  • Direct and Digital Marketing
  • Pre and Post Sales technical support
  • Office Management
  • Account Management
  • Finance management
  • Taking a complex process and simplifying it!

Places I've worked

Cyinet (Formally Blom)



  • Birds of Prey
  • Photography

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Small Business Support

My family ran a building firm, my first job was working on a strawberry stall - I love small local business. 

I wanted to step back and work locally, support local business and build up an exciting range of clients.  

Small business owners tend to be stretched, working all hours to achieve their dreams. It can be very stressful having to also learn how to marketing your trade!  I like being the person to step in and say "let me do that" ... it really is that simple!